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  • Jan 21, 2024

If you are unhappy in a relationship with someone or unhappily married, Ashley Madison claims that it can help you find a more compatible partner. Initially, the mere concept of a sex dating website for married individuals instantly sky-rocketed in terms of popularity. But, does it actually work in a real life setting or is it just a mere fantasy? Is it just a website where people can come to experience virtual cheating or can it genuinely help you find a compatible partner? Well claims it can and we are here to see if that’s the case.


Ashley Madison is one of the more unique sex dating websites out there. It’s no ordinary run out of the mill type site, because it’s made for people in relationships looking for discreet relationships with others. The website claims to have over 52 million users, which is tremendous as the main pitch is to have discreet relationships. The sheer number of users tells us a lot about how people all over the world really feel. is one of the biggest sex dating sites out there today and it has a number of interesting features aimed at helping individuals find others who want to have a discreet and casual fling. However, is it everything it promises to be or is it just another big scam? Read on to find what we think.

First Impression

When you visit this site, one has to admit that it looks like a well thought out professional website. It has an elegant design and the interface is very straightforward and simple to navigate. The banners are tasteful and entice you. Everything you need to explore on the website is right in front of you. What really sticks out here is their unique search functionality. On most sex dating sites, the search tool doesn’t work well and no matter how precise you refine your search, you end up getting random member profiles. In AshleyMadison, however, the search tool is far more accurate, although it does have its drawbacks. You also have the standard features of messaging, live chatting and calling which is pretty nice. All in all, it certainly feels like a professional and well thought out website at first glance.

How to Use

When you enter the website for the first time, you need to register by selecting your gender, status (single or attached), your gender preference and the status of your current relationships. So, if you are married and are looking for other married individuals, you can state so. Same applies if you are unmarried or committed and are looking for a married/committed partner. The sign up process takes only a min or so where you have to give your username, email and password. When starting out, visitors are encouraged to put up pictures because it really does improve your chances of getting found. The site has the following tabs:

Search – Here, you can search for potential partners by choosing your age preference, distance, online status etc. You can also use the advanced search option to further refine your preferences.

Lists – Here you can see your favorites, blocked profiles and keys sent info. Keys allow you to give access to other members so that they can see your locked content. This is a very good tool to have.

View Profile – Displays your profile the way it looks to other members.

Viewed Me – Shows you who all have recently visited your profile.

Mailbox – Contains all messages received, sent and saved.

Traveling – This is a unique feature where you can let other members know if you are visiting their city.

Manage Profile – This allows you to add your personal information, your bio, likes, dislikes etc. This section is important because this is what other members will see when they visit your profile. Don’t be too weird because if a real person is looking at your profile, they won’t respond if all you write about is your penis size and your fetishes.


Traveling Man – This is a very unique feature on this website. If you are planning to visit a particular city, you can send custom messages to nearly 30 members notifying them that you will be in their city on the dates that you are travelling. You have to fill in your destination and your partner preferences. The website will then allow you to send a custom message to various members who live in that city. In theory, it is a great tool but sadly in practice, it doesn’t work. Certain countries just don’t have enough members for this to work.

Member feedback section – This is another great feature that allows you to vet member profiles. Members can actually give their feedback for profiles on this website. You can’t write custom feedbacks but you can select from a number of options such as gives good chat, pursues fantasies, hot to trot, better over time, keeps promises etc. It’s useful to know what other members have to say about someone before you send them a message.

User Discretion – As this is a discreet website, user privacy is very important here. On every picture of you, the site gives you options to cover parts of your face by using virtual masks and filters. So you can cover your face while displaying your body to potential visitors.

Keys – You can put up locked content on your profile which can only be seen if you send keys. So if someone came across your profile and asked you to let them see your picture, you can choose whether or not to give them a key. This is a very handy tool to have and allows you to safely protect yourself from strangers.

Profile Authenticity

Comparatively, this website has a fewer number of bots or fake profiles. The website does member identification in their backend system by using member profile IDs. You may come across several inactive profiles but that is something the website can’t do anything about. Some people just create profiles and never come back. Don’t expect to find potential partners very easily here. People in some countries will have more active users than others. So don’t get your hopes up too high.

Safety and Security

As a discreet sex dating website, your personal information is kept safe. Ashley Madison utilizes standard online security standards such as firewalls, encrypted SSL based transmissions etc. They don’t even ask for real names or addresses to ensure that your privacy isn’t encroached by other members. This website is easily one of the more secure sex dating websites out there today. You can read more about their privacy policy on their website.


Free Membership – You can explore limited features of the website without paying. Paid features are more for gaining exclusive features and tools, but you can do pretty well without them too.

Credits – To send messages to other members, you need to buy credits. They come in 3 different packages.

  • Basic – 100 credits for $59.00
  • Classic – 500 credits for $169.00
  • Elite – 1000 credits for $289.00

The elite pack also gives you the priority status for a period of 30 days. This provides greater visibility for your profile as it allows you to come up more in searches. You will also receive 24 hours of free chat time on your first day.


This could have been the premier sex dating site if only it had a far greater number of active users spread across various countries. It has lots of potential in terms of the tools and features it provides, but it is difficult to find partners if you are a free member. On the other hand, if you choose to be a paid member, you might not get any guaranteed interactions either.

People in some countries will greatly benefit from this, whereas people from other countries wont. So if you live in Western countries, you may find more success. The only negative aspect about this website is its paywall since you can’t message anyone without buying credits. In one way it is a good thing, because you won’t get spammed by irrelevant information, but on the other hand, it makes it hard to successfully find someone. All in all, definitely a website you can try out to find some discreet casual relationships.

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