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  • Jan 21, 2024

There is a website for everything these days. Whatever you might be looking for, you’re most likely going to find it at some nook or cranny of the internet.

There is a dating website for everyone’s specific preferences. Frankly, every single niche, fetish, and preference is covered through the astonishing technology of online matchmaking services.

Now, these serviced come in website and application form, making your love life, kind of virtual. Now, you can’t experience a person through a website, but you can sure as hell get to know them!

This step helps you skip numerous others, and enables you to connect with the people you like. What if seasoned, educated singles are your specific preference? Could there be a website to fit your exact needs for a smart, quirky, and intelligent individual?

Of course, there can be, and its name is EliteSingles! EliteSingles is the homepage for finding amazing people of your intellectual caliber. It is also one powerful matchmaking tool – you’d be silly not to use it!

Here, we’re going to be telling you all about this fantastic service, so what are you waiting for? Read on!

What is EliteSingles?

EliteSingles is one of the websites that has emerged to fit a tight-knit niche group of internet dating. Internet dating is one of the staples of the dating culture, and since everything has been broken out of taboo, why should smart dating be excluded?

EliteSingles is the perfect website that is designed to fulfill any smart people dating needs you might have. It is the leading matchmaking service for people with college degrees and higher, who are looking to get themselves in a serious relationship with a like-minded educated person.

Unlike most dating services, this one is not exclusively based in the US. Even if most of its 7 million users are from the US, it operates in over 20 different countries, bringing people together all around the globe.

Over 80% of all EliteSingles members have a university degree. This is perfect if you are looking for someone with the same level of education as yourself. Some of us don’t have time for frolicking and messing around – we’re looking for smart people to establish smart relationships with.

As mentioned above, the website boasts an impressive 7 million unique and educated members, 5 million coming from the USA. The gender makeup of the populace in this website is also fair game, coming in at almost a perfect 50/50 male to female split. Could it get any better? Well:

The Fetish Of Education

There are numerous different matchmaking services on the internet for everything. If you’re into BDSM, interracial dating, there is a website for you. There is also a service for intellectual singles to mingle with each other, and EliteSingles is its name!

Linking like-minded people has been a staple of dating ever since dating and relations have existed. When you are looking for a serious relationship or a possible mate, you want them to be compatible with you. Intellectuals are compatible with other intellectuals, and online dating services don’t really take note of this.

Numerous different websites don’t really work enough to match people based on their education level. They match people due to their bodily preferences, race, height. EliteSingles does that as well, with an educational twist.

Whereas men are most likely looking for a quick hookup most of the time, the men on EliteSingles are looking for a meaningful relationship. Most of the website’s population is over 30 years of age, and they don’t intend to mess around.

So, if you are looking for a smart person to start a smart relationship with, Elitsingles is the place you should explore.

The Numbers and Statistics

The biggest problem when it comes to online matchmaking services is usually the population. Even if websites themselves try to inflate their numbers by reporting false numbers or making ghost accounts, EliteSingles is free of all corruption.

Inflating your website’s numbers can make it look more reliable, and make finding a possible date seem more natural, but it does the complete opposite.

Elitesingles offers a safe service and has a clean rep sheet. It is an excellent matchmaking service that helps educated singles find other educated singles for relationship establishment. This is not a fake hookup site.

Since it offers services to the intellectual class of people, it is a popular niche. This popular niche offers over 7 million different members worldwide, with five million being from the USA alone.

Important Numbers

  • 50% of websites members are female
  • 50% of websites members are male
  • 85% of the website’s population is over 30
  • It has an active, thriving community

The numbers on this website are quite amazing. Rarely can a website report an honest, almost perfect split between the genders!

Websites Aims

The main purpose of this website is connecting educated individuals with likeminded people, through a fun, beautiful online matchmaking service. Once you’ve gone to the website, you’ll be introduced to a bunch of new, exciting, and educated people through their advanced, beautiful profiles.

Connecting educated individuals through an online matchmaking service has never been simpler and easier. It does not only offer a good website to help you connect with people of your caliber, but also offers you an amazing, fully optimized application for your smartphone.

The app itself is a gorgeous representation of the website, letting you take your online dating needs on the go with you, wherever you might be.

The EliteSingles Website

When you picture an online matchmaking service, you might think of a sleazy, back-alley like website that is meant for hookups, and in most cases, you would be completely right.

The sheer amount of filth that is present on numerous online dating services is shocking to comprehend and is the ugly truth of online dating.

Online dating can be filled with not only fake profiles but scammers and catfishers, looking to get into your funds.

The beautiful part of EliteSingles does not only lie within its population, which is not only vast but vastly educated. The main pitch of this website is its safety and dashing design.

The website is protected with an ever-vigilant cybersecurity team, and an advanced SSL encryption, working in tandem to protect your information and your privacy. The site is regularly vetted for catfishers ghosts, and fake profiles alike, so you’re not likely to stumble upon one.

Another fantastic feature of this website is its pretty green design. It not only boasts impressive and gorgeous visuals but high functionality and some advanced website matchmaking features, which we’ll get into later in the article.

Sign Up Process

The signup process to this online matchmaking service is much like any other. But, it requires you to provide not only the most basic information but a more detailed sheet of data. This will later serve to match you to individuals of your set preferences.

It is not a quick and straightforward process, and to be honest – it shouldn’t be. Most websites that only require everyday information suffer from numerous fake profiles. This is yet another method of security that the EliteSingles website has taken to protect its users.

The website really needs to get to know all the nooks and crannies that make such an amazing and educated person like yourself.

You need to provide answers to questions about your education, personality, and preferences. By answering these questions, the website works to match you with a person of your preference, and fine-tune the vetting process.

It has a personality test as a signup requirement, which was developed by special psychologists based on 29 different personality traits. This might sound a little bit frightening, as you don’t want to be giving away your information anywhere. Remember, EliteSingles has premium security, so your details are safe.

Since this is a longer process, you might have to do something in between. You can save your progress on this personality test and return to it at a later point. Your Elitesingles account will exist in online dating limbo until then.

People don’t fancy detailed information this much. They are just hesitant about giving it away to a website, but you should not be afraid. All of the information you have provided has its own use in your later profile, which people use to find you as their potential date!

Since this website boasts a more mature population than teenagers, you really don’t want to mess around. This method of profile creation lets the website match you with someone exactly fitted to all your needs and wants.

So, take a pen and paper, get your glasses on, and get to answer some questions. Who knows, you might wind up having some fun with it.

Contacting People

There are numerous different ways to get yourself minging with other people on this fantastic website. You can reach people you match, like, and comment on the profile photos of your matches, send messages, and numerous other things.

Before you get in contact with different people over the internet, you might want to look for some good ways to do this. We’re not all comfortable with technology interfering with our love lives yet, and breaking the ice through a message can be a pretty tough job.

To ease the pain, you should consider looking at an online guide to help you establish contact on a dating website. There are lots of great pickup lines and icebreakers on the net – you just need to look for them.

The problem when it comes to EliteSingles is not really a problem, but a thing that occurs on all important and good dating websites. It is far from free. Even if the website itself claims to have free registration, ti is virtually unusable without a paying subscription.

With a standard membership that is actually free, you can send winks and use the search filter. This is a good start, but getting anywhere close to a date with your smart individual match can be tricky.

If you pay for your membership, you are given numerous other opportunities to establish contact and break the ice. You can participate in multiple forms of two-way communication between yourself and another paying member. Receiving, reading, and replying to emails are all the features you need to pay for.

But, paying for your membership isn’t really that bad or expensive. We’ll get into the pricing a little bit later in this article.

Elitesingles who have paid for their members have the benefit of getting their profile featured and prioritized over non paying members, alongside unlocking all of the interesting features the website has to offer. One of these is “Have We Met?”

HaveWeMet is the EliteSingles’ version of the swiping feature that other websites offer.

Prices and Payment

EliteSingles offers two different types of memberships. Standard user and Paid User. As expected, you can’t get anywhere with a standard membership, but paying for one is not that bad.

Like most other matchmaking services, it operates on a monthly subscription basis.

You can purchase a subscription in bundles of months, with the packages being:

  • 3 Months costing 113.85 USD
  • 6 Months costing 131.70 USD
  • 12 Months costing 239.40 USD

There are three payment options, being: Credit Card, Direct Debit and PayPal.

Final thoughts

If you are looking to mingle around with someone of your own intellectual and educational caliber, you’re going to love EliteSingles. Elitesingles is a fun and exceptional service that is meant for anyone who wants to date in the ivy league world.

It is easy to use and easy to get hooked on, so be cautious! You might find what you are looking for right here, and who knows, you can meet the love of your life through a couple of clicks on a website.

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