Signs of How to Know Whether I am Bisexual and Come Out as Bisexual

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  • Jan 21, 2024

How Do I Know if I'm Bisexual?

There are a few people who find it hard to understand who should they date – members of the same gender or the opposite one. There is nothing to be ashamed of being bisexual. It is a perfectly normal thing to feel. However, if you are one of those who has a hard time on how do I find out if I'm bisexual, here we will be your guide and help you find what your true calling is.

Your inner call

One of the best ways to determine if you really are bisexual is to check out your inner calling. If you are a guy, try and truly understand what your feelings are when you find a hot guy. Do you crave to be with him and do you wish to have some smoking hot time with him? There is nothing to feel guilty about. The main thing you need to do is be truly honest.

If you often fantasize about having sex with both the genders, it means that you have a bisexual orientation.

Have you been with both the genders?

If you have ever been with more than one gender and at that instant, it had felt alright, it suggests that you are bisexual. One of the key problems with understanding bisexuality is that most people tend to be shy in accepting it. You have to understand that there is nothing to be shy of when it comes to being a bisexual. It is as normal as being straight guy or a straight girl.

How did the sex feel?

This is one of the befitting ways to know whether or not you are bisexual. If you have had sex with both the gender, you need too ask yourself how it had felt. If you were completely at ease when having sex with your partner, regardless of their gender and you enjoyed your time, it infers that you are bisexual.

There is nothing wrong with being bisexual and it is simply one type of sexuality. There are a lot of people who are bisexual but the stigma of the society associated with this form of sexuality often leads to people not being vocal about it.

Yet another thing you need to keep in mind is that you may not experience the same level of attraction for both the genders. Being bisexual means that you may find varying levels of attraction and it may change from time to time. There would be phases when you would be intensely attracted to a guy and on other occasions, you may want to bang a girl.

So, do not be too hard on yourself or stress yourself out. Love is one of those feelings which will happen when it has to.

When love happens, it is ruled by your heart and not your brain. So, it is perfectly alright to fall in love, be it with a guy or a girl. The only thing that matters is how and what you feel. Just fall with the flow and you will figure it out.

Top 10 Signs of Bisexuality

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I'm not sure there is a single answer. One of the things about bisexuality is foremost the ability to do what one wants and not be as public as the gay community requires.

For me there are no signs of my sexuality. I have never lost it for a man and even in the locker room observing the buffet of different cocks does not get me hard. For me the only the only time I am aroused is when someone is touching me and I get to touch them. I often refer to myself and someone who is just penis focused not guy focused.

Kinsey talked about a scale of bisexuality that is greater then heterosexual and homosexual individuals. I know for example that the many men I have played with are all different in their likes and dislikes.

  • Coming out of the closet as bisexual
  • Wears symbols associated with bi pride (the Bi flag, teeshirts with slogans about bisexuality on them, anything purple)
  • Wears symbols associated with LGBT+ pride (rainbows, AIDS ribbons, teeshirts with pro-LGBT+ or pro-equality slogans on them, anything in the form of a lambda, labrys, bear paw etc) while dating someone of the opposite gender
  • Walks near the bisexual banners in the local Pride Parade/march
  • For men, has a profile on a gay dating site/app (Grindr, Adam4Adam, Jack’d, Gaydar, Scruff, Fridae, Growlr, etc etc) while also having or having had a girlfriend/wife
  • Has books about bisexuality (Bi Any Other Name, Purple Prose etc) on their bookshelf
  • Has photos of attractive people of multiple genders on their desk/screensaver/lock screen
  • Turns up to one social event with a boyfriend/husband but then to a different social event with a girlfriend/wife
  • Tells anecdotes about past partners of different gender to their current partner
  • Always remembers to use gender-neutral pronouns in conversation about other people’s partners until it becomes very clear what gender they are (not infallible, as some non bi people are also this polite)
  • Always uses gender-neutral pronouns about own partner
  • Says “yes” when you ask them if they are bisexual

Some of these are much more reliable signs than others, of course.

Are the primary (read: only) outwards signs of bisexuality one can draw by knowing a person. There are no universal “signs,” just stereotypes. Stereotypes can be accurate in some cases, but are generally either exaggerated or simply untrue.

And besides, the sexual orientation of another person is absolutely nobody’s business but that of the person themselves. It is rude to attempt to guess someone’s sexual orientation. If you want to know, ask them. If they refuse to give an answer, or if they say no, leave it at that. If someone is bi, they will come out when they’re ready, not when you want to hear it.

Loudly Speak Out I am Bi Sexual

Sexual orientation is something one doesn’t have a choice about. However, in this modern world, many of us face difficulties in believing that.

Nevertheless, where being gay or homosexual was considered straight out bad in the past, the perception of NOT being straight has somewhat changed today. Now, people are more accepting towards lesbians and gays.

But, there is another section of the society that is a huge victim of discrimination: bisexuals! In a way, bisexuality has presented itself as a ‘bridge’ between all dichotomies and not many people are aware of the beauty of falling in love with a person or another human ‘being’ regardless of their sex.

So, to all those bisexuals out there, don’t feel afraid to be who YOU are. Speak out I'm bisexual by following these simple tips to reveal your sexual orientation:

  • Remain Confident and Calm – There’s Nothing to Be Afraid Of
  • Don’t be afraid of what people think and be confident in who you are. Remember, if you beat around the bush, it may just give an impression of YOU being ashamed or not sure of your sexual orientation yet.

    Embrace your sexuality confidently and overcome all fears related to exposing it to the society. Keep in mind, people won’t change their thinking unless you do! This means if you are more ‘open’ about it, people will take it better.

  • Tell Your Most Trusted Friend – Step Away from the Dark
  • Of course, you can’t just grab a loudspeaker and scream your lungs out claiming you are bisexual. But what you can do is come out of the closet and tell your most trusted friend about it. Revealing your sexuality to a person who you hold close to your heart will lessen the burden off your shoulders.

    It will also build up the confidence needed to tell the rest of the world, like the preparatory phase before leaving for the final mission. If you are afraid of telling your friend, you could find some advice on some bisexual dating sites and find some bisexual people to seek advice.

  • Start Sharing with Other Close Friends – Walk into the Light
  • Congratulations! You have finally revealed your sexuality to your closest friend. Now, there’s no stopping you from revealing it to other close friends. So, continue sharing your story with other close friends, but make sure to approach the topic lightly. Why? Because those without similar feelings take time to understand what you mean. Find the appropriate location and time to tell them, and gradually ease into the subject.

  • Eventually Tell Your Parents – They Should Know Too
  • Most of your friends know about your sexuality, but that’s not enough. You need the backing of your parents too. As time passes and people become more aware and comfortable regarding your sexual orientation, tell your parents too.

    They may feel shocked by the sudden news, so give them time to process it. Most likely, they will process the information and figure out how to respond to you after a day or two. So, don’t be impatient and try to keep your calm at all times.

    Last, but not the least, negativity often surrounds bisexuality. Therefore, remain strong at all times and never allow people to keep you from seeking happiness, taking chances, or missing the best moments. So, now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, revealing your bisexuality to the people around you won’t be a problem!

    Come Out As Bi Sexual- Helpful Tips On How to Start Coming Out of Closet

    Whether it is being lesbian, gay, trans or bisexual, coming out can be a difficult thing to do. However, not doing so will not do any good and besides, what is the point of living a life as someone you are not. Coming out can prove to be a positive experience and many people regret not doing so earlier in their life. But it isn’t an easy decision at all. To makes things simpler for you, here are a few helpful tips on how to come out as bi to your friends:

    Take It Easy

    Take your time and do not feel pressured to come out before you are ready. You might want to tell the people close to you as soon as possible but it is best to wait until you are ready yourself. Remember, coming out as bisexual is about you, not others, so keep the focus on yourself and do not give in to pressure.

    No Need to Pick Sides

    Just because you are bisexual does not mean you have to forsake your religion. Search the internet and you will find plenty of examples of people who are both bisexual and religious.

    Learn About Others

    If you are uneasy about coming out or are unsure of what will happen, you can read stories of other bisexuals and their experience after coming out. Read articles, head to the forums of bisexual dating sites or other such places, and get to know about the struggles and situations they faced which you will be able to relate to. This will help reduce the anxiety and give you more confidence for coming out.

    Start With One

    If you do not want, there is no need to tell anyone you are bisexual the instant you wish to come out. After all, it is not a game where you get a score for telling the most people in the shortest time. Try telling it to a single person you can trust more than anyone else. It could be your dad, your mom, any of your siblings, friends or teachers. As soon as you have opened up to one person, with his or her support you will find it a lot easier to come out to others as well.

    Ditch the Stereotypes

    Just because you are bisexual does not mean you have to conform to the stereotypes attached to it. After all, the purpose of coming out was to finally be what you are supposed to be and want to be, so no need of trying to blend in. You are unique and should stand out!

    Have Some Optimism

    When taking the decision, your head will be filled with all sorts of anxieties and fears, but most of them are uncalled for. Often, the case has been that coming out was the one of best decisions a bisexual person ever made and the opportunity to finally be yourself, that is something you should look forward to, not be apprehensive about.

    So, follow these tips to make coming out easier and live happily ever after!