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  • Jan 21, 2024

Badoo is becoming popular as a dating site as well as dating app, having more than 350 million people using the application for dating. It focuses on geolocation to find partners located in your vicinity, so that you can find nearby people for hookups, one-night stands and more.

Badoo is available in more than 180 countries, including the US and the UK. There are around 400,000 unique signups in a day with 60 million active users on a monthly basis.

Setting Up

You can set up your account on Badoo dating app using Facebook or the app homepage. Download the app using iTunes or Google Play store. The signup procedure is very simple.

Next you need to provide details about your name, age, gender, email and, most importantly, location and create your profile. You must also mention the purpose of your being there, whether it’s for friends, chatting, dating, whether you are interested in guys or girls or even both. The app makes use of the information to create matches.

You can import your friends from your email ID or from Facebook. You can also upload new pictures from social networking platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook or from your device. In case you have signed up using Facebook, recent photos will be automatically integrated into your profile. You must then enable geolocation and agree to receive push notifications.

How it Works

You get a one time tutorial when you download the app. The basic premise of Badoo dating app is that it helps you find partners who are located in your vicinity. Geolocation is the major feature of this dating platform.

The core features are:

  • Discovering people nearby (seen with a globe icon)
  • Play for Match (shown as cards)
  • Messaging center (chat bubble sign)
  • Profile (a silhouette)

Using Play to Match:

The app shows you pictures of other users. You can like someone by touching the heart icon or you can touch X, meaning you don’t like the person. It’s like a hot or not kind of game. If you want to view additional pictures of a user, you can swipe from below.

Message Center:

You can send messages to your matches or to your friends. Tap on the All Connections to see chats and visits as well as likes, favorites etc.

In addition, you can also view profiles independently and add one to your Favorites. You can read their bio, see the location, verifications, photos and so on.

Top Features

  • Registration and browsing features are free
  • If you want to feature your profile at the top of the navigation bar, you need to buy credits.
  • You also need credits for activation of Super powers, whereby your messages are sent more quickly for matching
  • Instead of credits, you can also ask other members to join the app. The app also checks out your friends on social networking sites, if you authorize it to.
  • The app offers a social networking feature, as users can share a profile on Facebook or Instagram
  • Users can also create a private album or videos. Photos or videos can be taken within the Badoo dating app
  • If you are popular, it is displayed using the battery icon of the iPhone. If you have superpowers, your profile contains the superman symbol
  • Lookalike feature: The app recognizes facial features and helps you find a person resembling your favorite celebrity. It is, therefore, important to take good photographs
  • The app also uses an advanced geolocating feature. It shows users the exact spot where you could have met other users of the site. This actually helps you find people in your area


  • Badoo has a simple and straightforward interface and is visually focused
  • Badoo offers good safety features, using email verification procedures and cookies along with a guide for newcomers.
  • Profiles are colorful and fun


  • Though Badoo dating app is available in a basic free version, the app encourages users to make online purchases or make payments within the app, to access more features and get a premium experience.
  • You may have to spend some money to buy credits. There are also several other blocks that require payment
  • There may be some fake profiles and scammers on the app
  • There is no algorithm for matching other than the location feature

Paid Version

Badoo is available as a free dating platform on the desktop version. However, the mobile version of the dating app is available as a free one as well as a premium option.

The premium subscription for a period of 3 months is $24.99. You can also opt for a Lifetime pass for Super Powers, making a payment of $59.99, instead of opting for a subscription feature.

Other options include subscriptions for one week; one month; 6 months. You can make the payment using your credit card or using PayPal or Google Play for Android devices. The app also offers you a 7-day free trial period for Super powers. You can unlock favorite folder, go anonymous, check out who liked you and so on.

Excellent Ratings

The Badoo app holds a ranking of 4.3 stars in the Google Play store, with more than a 100 million downloads. As far as the Apple store is concerned, the app has a rating of 4.5 stars.

Bottom Line

Badoo is a dating app that has been available for the past ten years. However, it is keeping up with the latest trends in social networking. The visual content is very popular with users. The success of Badoo mainly lies in the fact that it does not prescribe the type of relationship that users should be in. The app offers users the tools for meeting people nearby. You can opt for a hook up relationship or a flirty, romantic and fun encounter as well.

For those looking out to hookup with fresh and new people, the app can be very useful. It will help you connect to someone whom you might be crossing by every day. All you need is some excellent selfies, as it is a photo-based location-dating app. You can connect them for a hookup or just to make friends or introduce them to other friends.

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