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  • Jan 21, 2024

Down is the latest trending app for hookups, earlier named as Bang with Friends. It is similar to Tinder, whereas Tinder allows you to hook up with strangers of your area, Down allows you to have one night stands with people or friends on Facebook. You can express your feelings about people who are in your friends circle on Facebook.

It’s all about banging a friend though a lawsuit forced the company to change the name to Down. The app currently has more than 4 million uses from all over the world, chatting with each other and dating.

Setting Up

You can only sign up for Down using your Facebook account. The app makes use of your Facebook friends’ list, their friends and so on in order to create a match.

You don’t have to add any photos to your profile, as the Facebook profile pictures are available for viewing by a potential match. You can select from your Facebook or Instagram pictures to add to your profile.

There is no bio or profile creating option in Down. The app is a simple and basic one with few features. There are no search filters to set up.

How it Works

  • If you swipe up, it shows that you want to go on a date with the person, whereas if you swipe down it shows that you’d like to get down with the person. If you swipe left, it means you want to skip. This means that the app caters to casual hookups as well as serious dating
  • Down allows you to be honest and direct while trying to hook up with someone. You can say GET DOWN when searching for a quick date. But if you are looking for something more serious, just mention GET DATE
  • Users can contact each other by sending a message, when a mutual match occurs. This saves embarrassment. You get notifications through email or Facebook notifications, according to your settings
  • Everything is anonymous, unless both the parties like each other. If not, then they will never know that you had any such feelings
  • You can meet your friends on Facebook and friends of your friends and so on

Secret Admirer

You can also use the secret admirer option in the app to send an anonymous invite to someone whom you want to date or get down with. That person gets a message or an email, but the name of the sender is not mentioned till the receiver also clicks on Get Down or Get Date.

Top Features

  • The interface is simple and easy for navigation
  • The age and type of people you find for matching depends on your Friends list on Facebook and their friends. The user base also depends on the number of friends you have on Facebook as well as their friends
  • The app offers additional features for standing out and being more visible to others
  • You can see unlimited number of profiles for the premium version. You can get ten fresh and attractive people for chatting and dating every day
  • You can also hide from a Facebook friend
  • Check out previous Likes to undo them
  • There is a messaging option as well as anonymous swiping feature
  • There is a Supercharge feature (premium), where you don’t have to wait in a queue. You can stand out from the rest and your profile will be placed on the top, so that you get better matches.


  • Members are offered anonymity to their Facebook friends, in both the free and the paid versions
  • You can date people whom you know or friends of people who are your friends, so it seems to be a safer option for dating
  • The app allows users to opt for a one night stand or for a long term relationship, which is different from the usual hookup dating apps


  • Many important and useful features are missing on the free version. The app also regularly hassles users to sign up for the premium version
  • Free version allows members to view 10 people in a day
  • You can also search based on age or gender

Paid Version

The paid version offers better features, so that you can get more matches and view more number of profiles. You can also hide yourself from your Facebook friends if you have subscribed for the premium version of the Down app.

  • You can also opt for a 7 day trial offer that is free. The private membership cost is $19.99
  • Opt for an additional pack of $1.99 for nearby picks
  • Get exclusive access and double the dating tips with $1.99
  • The monthly pack comes at $16.99 and the weekly membership is $9.99
  • There is an additional Sweet Success pack with a free trial at $14.99

Bottom Line

Dating has now gone digital and the stigma that used to be attached to dating apps is no longer valid. Hundreds of thousands of people are now swiping left and right on dating apps to find casual sex. Down seems to be an honest and innovative dating app, making it easy to hookup. The unique aspect of this dating app is that you can be perfectly honest and state that you are interested in getting down with someone.

Down is a free mobile app but there is also a paid version that offers additional features. It has been available from 2013 and has now reached 1 million downloads on the PlayStore. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is a fast paced app requiring minimal effort for setting up or for using. Swiping is simple and addictive and you can quickly come up with an interesting match.

But that said, as in every other dating app, there could be fake profiles, so you need to take your chances. You need to have a big set of friends on Facebook if you want to have better matching chances. If you follow the basic precautionary measures applicable to all online dating apps, you should find Down quite interesting and entertaining offering you ample opportunities for a quick hookup.

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