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  • Jan 21, 2024

Fling.com is an online sex dating site for singles and couples to find like-minded people to hook up with. Like most other sex dating sites, Fling.com has majority of its users in the United States, Canada and the U.K. It has been rated as one of the top 5 best dating sites in the world and has been acknowledged for having a huge user base. It has also been applauded for constantly updating itself throughout the years to keep up with the changing times.


Fling.com has been online for nearly two decades now and is considered to be one of the top dogs when it comes to sex dating sites. It has a lot of users, most of whom are active, with many claiming to have found success with the site. It has numerous customizable features that allow users to have more control over what other people see. You can even search for members by inputting a keyword which will then be sought out from the numerous profiles out there. Since it is one of the premier sex dating sites, we will be going in depth to see if it’s worth all the buzz.

First Impression

When you first enter the website, you are greeted by a wall of sexy thumbnails of various member profiles. You will also see a strip of thumbnails moving at the top of the site and almost every single one has nudity. The wave of hot nude pictures offers a nice incentive for guests to explore the site. This sort of direct “in your face” approach is somewhat refreshing. A lot of other sites go out of their way to display themselves as a sophisticated sex dating website, only to have broken features and a lot of dead accounts. Fling.com goes directly to the point and lets you know what to expect.

How to Use

When you visit the website for the first time, you will be asked to fill in a few details to start your account. The sign up is free and takes only a few seconds to set up. You have to provide your gender, your gender preference, email and a password to create your account. Once that is done, you will be prompted to upload a picture and fill in some more details about the type of people you are looking for. Once that is done, you will instantly get a page of thumbnails from which you have to select the pictures you like and send them a wink. You will be astonished to see the sheer number of users on this site. Whether or not it will translate into a real connection is up for debate, but we shall find that out as we explore the site more.

On the top bar, you will see various tabs which you can use to start looking for members. The tabs available here are:

Search – This website has a phenomenal search tool, in the sense that it is loaded with options which can really refine your search and help you get into specifics. This is really handy if you are someone who has specific tastes and are looking for people that match your desired sensibilities. You can either use the basic search or go for the advanced search. The search button has a drop down menu filled with numerous options such as advanced search, SMS users, most popular, browse, new faces, who viewed me, online now, mood statuses and members live streaming. As you can see, the tool allows you to really customize your search and find people.

Online Now – You can see all the members online at a particular point of time by clicking on this option. If you are not in the mood to do long searches, this option will help you get started.

Chat – You can start a video chat or a group chat by choosing this option; however, you do need to make sure that Flash is updated to use this feature.

Trending Now – This has different options such as photos, videos and premium content. You can see the pictures and videos currently trending on the site. If you want to see the premium content, you will have to opt for a paid membership, as it is an exclusive feature.

Live Girls – This is the live camera feature available on the site. You can choose from the different categories such as ebony, big tits, big ass, milf etc, to go to their camera page. There, you can choose from numerous other categories and choose the live camera you want to see. While you can view them for free, you can’t interact with them unless you have a paid membership.


Mood Statuses – This is a really cool feature to use. It allows you to browse through the latest status updates of other members. These updates tell a lot about what they are looking for and so it makes it easy for you to find someone fast. Each status will be shown through thumbnails and you can send them a message, chat or mark them as favorites.

Customized User Experience – Fling.com allows you to customize the way you experience the website and it’s a really useful feature to have. You can turn on the safe mode where you won’t be able to see the more explicit content. If you want to browse discreetly, you can do that as well. Then you can limit the type of people who get to see your profile. Another cool option is one with which you can deactivate your account for a set period of time without canceling your membership or deleting your account. So if you feel like you won’t be active for a few weeks, you can use this option so that you won’t be bombarded with messages when you come back online.

An Incredible Search Option – Hands down, Fling.com has one of the best search tools amongst sex dating websites today. You can refine your search by choosing your gender preference, age range, location, body shape, online activity, verified profiles, pictures, videos etc. But what really makes the search tool unique, is the ability to search using keywords. So if you are looking for someone who is into bondage, you just need to type it in the search field and the site will find profiles that have mentioned the same keyword. This is an absolutely cool feature to have because it brings so much convenience to your browsing experience.

Profile Authenticity

Fling.com has a tremendous amount of users and a very active live camera community. You can find people of all kinds here from different ethnicities, physiques, fetishes, sexual orientations etc. Browsing through the website, you never get spammed by bots or fake profiles that much. Overall, the website has a good active user base where people actually respond back to your messages. Certainly, this is one of the better ones out there today.

User Safety and Security

Fling.com utilizes standard online security standards and don’t ask for real names or addresses, allowing you to keep your privacy. It also has a 24 hour review team dedicated to rooting out fake profiles and bots. Your transactions will be safe as Fling.com uses only authorized agents such as SegPay and Epoch. It is certainly one of the safest sex dating websites out there today. However, it is important to stress that no matter how safe the site may be, always be cautious and responsible with your private information.


Free Membership – As a free member you can pretty much do everything except certain exclusive features. You can message members from the mood statuses page but you need to get a paid membership to interact with cam girls and such. Fling.com allows you to do more on their site as a free member than perhaps all the other sex dating sites.

VIP Membership – Being a paid member has several advantages as gaining the ability to send messages, live camera girl chats, access premium content such as locked videos and pictures etc. You even get a +3 months get laid guarantee. So a paid member really has some very useful advantages. Moreover, you will also get featured on the site’s search page, allowing greater visibility for your profile.

  • Gold 3 Day Trial – $0.95
  • Gold 7 Day Trial – $9.95
  • Gold 1 Month – $34.95
  • Gold 6 Months – $69.95
  • Gold 18 Months – $119.95


In short, Fling.com is one of the best sex dating websites out there today. It offers a very sexually immersive experience, has the best search tool functionality amongst similar sites and has a massive user base. At the same time, there are a few issues you will face with this site. Most of its users are based in the U.S, Canada and U.K and so people from other countries may find it hard to find members nearby.

Moreover, sometimes certain pages won’t load instantly. You need to make sure that your system is updated with the latest flash software to even visit member profiles. Also, Fling.com gives you tools to look for members but it doesn’t have the same automated matching as other sites do. In many ways, it’s like self-service where you have to explore and find people who match your preferences. This isn’t a bad thing though, as it allows you to fully immerse yourself in the experience and it feels more authentic. Truly, one of the best sex dating websites out there today.

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