Proud to Be Bisexual, Dating Bisexuals Online and How to Protect Yourself

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  • DatingforLove
  • Jan 21, 2024

I'm Bisexual and Proud!

Being bisexual can be hard, pretty much the same way its hard being homosexual, perhaps even harder. That is because when it comes to bisexuality, it’s not understood well enough among people. Not to mention, there are several negative myths about bisexuality and bisexual and proud quotes that are believed by many. Hence, you are thought to be unfaithful, greedy and several other terrible things even when you probably aren’t.

However, the fact of the matter is you should never feel pressurized into leading a life you aren’t happy with. You are who you are. And you should be proud of it. It’s your life and you are going to make the choices. So, if someone asks you about your sexuality, don’t be afraid to tell them who you are. There are several reasons why you should be proud of being bisexual:

  • Many Famous People Are Bisexual
  • Megan Fox, Angelina Jolie, Michael Cabin, Gillian Anderson, and Marlon Brando are just a few names on the list of many people who happen to be (or been) bisexuals. If they can lead a successful life as bisexuals, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t either.

  • Your Chances of Getting a Bisexual Dating Doubles
  • Being bisexual means you get to date both men and women. You are not tied down by any restrictions. Think about it. If there are only boys in your class or workplace, you may find a bisexual dating. And even if there are only girls in your class, you may still find a bisexual dating!

  • You Can Give the Best Relationship Advice
  • As you can have a relationship with people from both genders, you will learn and experience a lot along the way. With time, you will be able to give the best relationship advice to your friends, whether they are gay, straight or like you.

  • Bisexuals Are More Mature
  • Research has shown people who identify themselves as bisexuals are often more mature than others. How is that possible? Well, as their body excretes sex hormones on a greater scale, their brains are a lot more developed than people who are straight. So, not only will you be able to give good relationship advice, but also keep your own relationship healthy and strong.

  • You Are Different
  • Being different is not something to be ashamed of, but rather something to be proud of. Think about all the positive aspects regarding your orientation. However, do not listen to what people say, as they are often uneasy about things they are unable to understand. Not to mention, everyone has their own opinions and that’s just something we cannot change!

  • Flexibility
  • Being bisexual gives you the advantage of being flexible in your relationships. So, if you had a bad the relationship did not turn out well with one gender, you can switch to the other gender and try your luck with them. Moreover, you also do not have any problems or uneasiness when it comes to mixing with the opposite gender. You will enjoy any type of company you get!

    As you can see, there are countless reasons why you should be proud of being bisexual! Sure, there are certain disadvantages due to the narrow-mindedness of society, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are any less important! So, say it with us loud and clear, “I am bisexual and proud!”

    Can You Find Meaningful Bisexual Friendship on Sites?

    Everyone needs friends. Not just a boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife, but real friends that you can talk to and confide in. Those who have your back, no matter what will stick by you through bad times and good times.

    Sexual orientation does not matter when you are choosing a friend, right? Or does it? Not necessarily. But for those who are bisexual, things are a little different. Being bisexual is hard; even harder than being gay. At least people understand what being gay means.

    Many people have no idea what being bisexual means and they do not really care to find out. So finding a bisexual friend is important because at least that person understands what it means to be bisexual. People often don’t talk about their bisexuality openly. However, there are many bisexual friendly dating sites where they can meaningful friendship or perhaps their love of life.

    • Excellent dating sites for people seeking aficionada

    One of the main things we as human beings seek is support. That is one of the most sought after parts of friendship for both men and women of all sexual orientations. Gay men and women seem to get more support from their friendships, whether their friend is of the same gender and sexual orientation or not.

    Bisexual friendship is more apt to be closer and more supportive when both parties are of the same sexual orientation because it seems like the only ones that can understand how they feel is someone who deals with the same problems. Being accepted is the one thing that most Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) people are constantly looking for.

    • Choose one or the other

    How do you find other bisexuals to become friends with? Other bisexual friend likes me? The easiest way is the Internet. There are so many bisexual dating sites and bi curious dating sites where you can find others who are bisexual and looking for a friendship or relationship.

    But, one thing that many bisexual people have complained about is that when filling out a profile on these sites they will ask you “Who Are You Looking For?” and the only two answers are men and women. Very few have a box for either or both. It is one or the other apparently.

    So you can either choose the gender you are in the mood for at the moment or you can make two profiles. Some of the sites let you choose both, but not many.

    • Read my profile

    Once you get past that problem on the bisexual dating site, almost all of the modern day websites are open to everyone. The best thing about being online is that you do not have to worry about being rejected to your face. This is one of the things that many bisexuals are afraid of, rejection.

    Of course, that is what EVERYONE is afraid of no matter what their gender or sexual preference. Online you have a profile so if the person you are talking to does not know that you are bisexual that is because they did not take the time to check out your profile, so you probably do not want to talk to them anyway.

    People who are serious about finding friendship or relationship will check out the person’s profile before they even talk to a person. So, once you get past the difficult part of finding the right website and filling out your profile, it is pretty easy after that.

    You may find a meaningful friendship on these sites. You just have to explore and keep taking advice.

    5 Do's and Donts of Bisexual Dating

    Dating is an acquired skill, bisexual dating more so because of obvious reasons. The good news is that there are many popular bisexual dating sites that you can use to find a partner. To help you start a meaningful relationship or have some no-frills attached fun, shared ahead are some unique nuances of bisexual dating, all of which help you meet bisexual women and men and enjoy an awesome love life.

    1. Finding new partners

    DO NOT hit on the cute guys in the so-called social public settings, places like the mall, the restaurants, or the concert. Many straight guys seem to be pretty open-minded and have no issues with gay and bi guys, but this doesn’t mean they would want you to be hitting on them. All you would do is put the ‘poor’ person in an uncomfortable situation in a public setting and it can be very embarrassing for him.

    DO hit on that cute guy in a gay bar or at the LGBT centre. You never know where something like that may go.

    2. When to let out the “bi” word

    DO NOT drop the “bi” word (that is, say that I’m bisexual) when talking to an attractive straight girl you’ve just met. It makes you look pervert, makes you like you’ve got sex on your mind, and makes her wonder if you are trying to get her involved in some kind of a threesome or something.

    Do drop the “bi” word (“I am bisexual”) with a straight girl when it goes beyond casual flirting and grows to dating and you start to see that you are serious. You would not want to lie and deceive the person.

    Do drop the “bi” word in the opening conversation with a gay guy. You would want to let him know straight out that you are bisexual.

    3. Meet in a public place

    Do NOT meet the guy or girl you’ve met on an online bisexual dating site in a motel or any other private place the first time. Not all first meetings with go as they should and things sometimes gets weird, handling which may be difficult if you are in a private place.

    Do have your own transportation and always setup the first date in a public place. Having your own transportation allows you to leave quickly if thing get a little weird.

    4. Talking about former relationships

    DO NOT talk about the former relationships with your partner when you are in a relationship. It just causes insecurity.

    DO talk about these relationships when asked and do openly divulge about your attractions when asked. If you lie and act evasive and they find out about it, it will just cause distrust and problems in your relationship.

    Do let your partner know that you are all about him or her. Show that what you really care about is being in a relationship.

    5. Sex

    DO NOT have unsafe sex, no matter how strong the temptation, unless you and your partner are 100% positive that both of you do not have STD.

    DO use necessary precautions every time you get physical with your partner, even if your partner wants otherwise.

    How to Protect Yourself on Bisexual Dating Websites

    Bisexual dating is easier today than before, thanks mainly to the easy access to innumerable online bisexual dating websites that one can use to find a suitable partner. Having said that, increase in the popularity and reach of bisexual sites have also led an increase in the number of dating scams.

    If you are wondering how you can keep yourself protected from such scams, this post will prove helpful. Before we look at the tips for safe bisexual dating, let’s understand that in most cases the dating websites are not liable in case their users suffer losses while using them.

    A dating website is responsible only if it didn’t provide service with reasonable skills and care or if it didn’t conduct certain checks which it promised it will. Apart from these two scenarios, probably in all other scenarios you will not be able to hold the site liable if you suffer financial loss while using it.

    Tips for safe bisexual dating

    • 1. Don’t give out personal details

    You joined a bi dating site to look for a partner and repeatedly find that someone sends you an invite to chat, and when you accept it, among the first few things that the person asks you are your personal details. Beware of such people: they are not likely to be genuine.

    Do not, we repeat, do not give your personal details to anyone with whom you are chatting on a dating site.

    Scammers usually try to get unsuspecting users divulge the following information: credit card details, name of the bank, its location, and answers to common security questions, like your favorite author, your pet’s name, etc.

    Another thing that you should be mindful about is not using any information that can identify you in your profile. This include, home address, phone number, place of work, etc.

    • 2. Don’t give money to someone you’ve met on a dating site

    According to a recent survey involving over 2,000 participants, every 1 in 5 people users of dating sites were asked for money by someone who had contacted them.

    In case anyone asks you for money, report the incident immediately to the dating site. Also be wary of someone in your contact list who has changed her username as such person can be fraudulent.

    If someone with whom you have just started chatting asks you to talk on another messaging service or for your email address, you should not entertain such requests.

    Finally, do not click on a link within an email because could be a phishing scam.

    • 3. Report fake profiles

    In the same survey, researchers found that 2 in every 5 people surveyed found fake profiles. If you come across one, immediately contact the site in this regard.

    Read the policy in place for reporting a fake profile on your site because different websites have a different procedure for reporting. Also block such people as well as others with whom you don’t want to chat using the block button.

    Following the tips listed above will help you protect yourself on dating websites and enjoy dating to the fullest.