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  • Jan 21, 2024 is not just another dating website. It is designed to connect young women and men with sugar daddies and mommas. Sugar daddies and mommas play the role of mentors, but can also financially aid young people that join this dating platform.

What’s Seeking Arrangement’s primary goal? According to the site creators, its primary goal is to help you get covered if you want to find someone to take care of or find someone who will take care of you. With more than 10 million active members all over the world, this site is one of the more popular ones in this category.

Most Seeking Arrangement users come from the US. The majority of users are sugar babies. In fact, 20% of the total members are sugar daddies and sugar mommas, while 80% are sugar babies.

There are well over 150,000 active members every week, meaning that the chances of meeting someone are pretty high.

Gender proportion is very well balanced. 48% of the total members are women, and 52% are men. Creating an account is simple and easy. The Seeking Arrangement website is designed with ease of use in mind so that everyone can seamlessly use it both on desktop and mobile devices.

The platform is suited for people of all ages, as the demographics are very diverse. Finding a sugar daddy or momma in the real world is a tricky thing to do. The same applies to the process of looking for sugar babies. This website tackles all the challenges of finding sugar daddies/mommas and babies. It makes the process safe and ensures success.

Seeking Arrangement is definitely a platform for you if you love online dating and want to find your sugar counterpart. The functionality is excellent. You can find people with the same interests as yours in a matter of seconds. Filter the search results and change the number of people you see on one page in an instant.

You can see who favorited you and who viewed your profile, thus increasing your chances of finding a sugar daddy/mom or baby faster. No wonder the platform managed to stay popular over the years and attract so many active users on a regular basis.

Now, let’s dive into a more detailed review of Seeking Arrangement.

The Sugar Daddy, Mommy and Baby Concepts

Before we go on with the review, let me stop for a second to explain the concepts upon which this dating site is built. The website refers to sugar daddies and mommies as “Successful Members” – modern men or women with refined taste, abundant resources, and exceptional experience. Successful members are people on the lookout for a person to share their lifestyle with.

Sugar Babies on Seeking Arrangements are, in fact, “Attractive Members,” or people with an appetite for a relationship. The site defines them as empowered individuals with a huge desire to taste the high life and new experiences.

Profile Creation Is So Easy! You Won’t Even Break A Sweat

Seeking Arrangement staff did a marvelous job in streamlining the account creation process. Once you arrive on the site’s homepage, you can start your journey into the world of online dating by clicking the big red “Join Now” button.

The signup wizard will take you automatically through all the steps. The first step is declaring your gender, which leads to saying whether you are interested in meeting Women, Men, or Both.

Then, you will have the opportunity to declare whether you want to meet someone who has Looks & Charm or someone who has Success & Wealth. To finish the process, you need to enter your birth date and email or use your Facebook account. Choose a username, upload a photo, and you are almost there.

Rember, you need to verify your email address to be able to use your account. To complete your account, you have to fill out some basic info, such as height, body type, ethnicity, occupation, industry, education, smoking, and so on.

The profile consists of six blocks of information – basic info, personal info, photos, locations, description, and verifications. The benefits of having a complete profile are many. The most important one to be aware of is – users with complete profiles have more chances to get contacted by sugar daddy/mommy or baby.

Seeking Arrangement always has a surprise for new members. For instance, if you complete your profile within 24 hours, you will receive some perks for free. These perks are otherwise reserved only for the premium members.

The entire registration process lasts around 5 to 10 minutes. If you choose to log in by using your Facebook credentials, you will cut down the time needed for registration.

Apply Different Criteria to Find Sugar Date Of A Lifetime

Seeking Arrangement doesn’t feature any automatic matching algorithm, meaning you will have to make an effort to find the sugar date of your dreams. But don’t worry! The search feature is easy to use! And, more importantly, you can apply many different criteria to find a person you have in mind when you think about sugar dates!

The Seeking Arrangement menu is located on the top of the page. To access the search function, you need to click on the Search button embedded in the menu. You can easily tell it apart from the other button as it features a magnifying glass.

This opens a search page. In the left portion of the screen, you can apply the search criteria. You can search by location and limit the geo distance to see only sugar daddies/mommas or babies that live nearby. Or, you can go international if you want to embark on a real adventure.

Other criteria include photos, premium, college, unviewed, viewed, viewed me, favorited, favorited me.

For those of you who want to dive into the detailed search, there are a dozen drop-down menus that let you select body type, age, ethnicity, height, hair color, smoking, drinking, relationship status, education, children, language, and so on.

There are few other things that you can use for your own convenience. First, there is an option that lets you choose how many search results you can see. You can see 25, 50, or 100 search results. You can also sort the search result by several criteria – recently active, nearest, or newest.

In the upper right corner of each thumbnail, there is a heart icon. If you click it, you can fave a person in the search results. This is something similar to the bookmark feature in your browser.

The search results show you the picture of the user, age, location, height, body type, ethnicity, and online status. The thumbnails are easy to read, and important information is highlighted, making the search results easily skimmable and the very search efficient.

Clicking on a specific search result opens a profile page where you can see other details regarding the person in question. The abundance of information and easy accessibility will help you make an informed decision.

Discover Who Likes You

In the menu on the top of the page, there is a button labeled “Interests.” Clicking on this button will open up a new section of the website where you can see some interesting things.

First, you can see who viewed your profile. This is very convenient because you can return the favor and contact a person if you like her/him. The next section that you can view is “Favorites.”

Remember the heart icon that you can click on the search results to fave a person? If you choose to do so, here is where you will be able to see all the persons that you marked as “Favorites.”

And finally, there is a “Favorited Me” section. You guessed it right. This is where you can see all the people that marked you as a favorite either in the search results or by stumbling upon your account.

The App Makes Dating Easy and Fun

Some dating sites provide dedicated mobile apps that lack functionality when compared to a desktop version of a site. This is not the case with Seeking Arrangement. The dedicated mobile app extends the services platform and makes dating more fun. You can meet and chat with new people on the go, wherever you are.

The app is designed to promote ease of use, which is evident from the moment you log in. By the way, you use the same login credentials you use for a website. Because Seeking Arrangement attracts people from older demographics, it is important to note their effort to make the app as simple as possible.

The layout is logical, and going from one screen to the other is seamless. Images and text are highly visible. Unlike the desktop version, where the navigation bar was at the top of the screen, in the mobile app, it is at the bottom.

Don’t worry if you fall in love with geo features. The app uses your phone GPS to provide you with search results that are near your location. At the same time, your location will remain secret unless you decide to disclose it. Your city and country are the only things that are shown by default.

The app is currently only available for Android users, and you can get it on Google Play by searching for Seeking Arrangement. Apple decided to remove the app from the App Store. The reason for this line of action was the claim that Seeking Arrangement sites, and therefor app, promotes prostitution.

Seeking Arrangement Does Not Promote Prostitution

It is basically silly to accuse a company of allegedly promoting prostitution, especially once the company distanced itself publicly from it. In fact, Seeking Arrangement has clear rules and regulations policies.

According to the policy, any activity associated with prostitution, including promotion, results in a ban. On top of that, the platform has made an official disclaimer that it is not an escort service company.

Seeking Arrangement is a serious establishment with years-long experience in the online dating industry. The company even encourages people not to engage in pay-per-meet relationships.

Free Membership Is Useful But Premium Gives Your More Options

Premium membership is awesome if you want to seize the opportunities provided by Seeking Arrangement. Let’s just go through some of the features you get with premium, on top of the ones we’ve already covered.

First of all, you get to message people freely. All your conversations will become unlocked. You will be able to get in touch and communicate with people how you want, when you want, however long you want.

Then there is a neat option to hide your data. Premium membership will enable you to play with your account settings and hide various data, including online status, join date, and last login country.

Then, there is this nice thing called “Boost your profile.” Premium membership will unlock the full potential of this platform. Your profile will appear in more searchers, even in the searches of people that are casually browsing the website database.

You will also be able to write notes on members that you can access and read anytime you want. You can apply various filters to your inbox so that you can easily find important messages.

There are two premium subscription plans. 30-days premium costs $89,95 billed every month while 90 days premium cost $79.95 per month, but it is charged $239.85 for three months in advance.

Seeking Arrangements

With over 10 million active users from all around the world, Seeking Arrangements is a top-rated dating site. The exciting concept of sugar daddy/mommy and baby makes this website unique and interesting to many men and women.

The website itself is very well designed and easy to use, which also translates to the dedicated app. The search functionality is excellent. And, while you can do a lot with a free membership, the true fan starts with an active premium subscription plan.

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