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  • Jan 21, 2024

Finding a partner that suits all your needs can be really tough these days. It’s really not easy to get in touch with someone who knows how you like and want to be treated, and teaching them the ins and outs of your lifestyle is very tough.

This is why the internet is filled with different niche dating websites. Look around.

There is a website that fits any single sexual, romantic, and relationship needs – from hookups to BDSM, to sugar daddies and babies.

There are more apps and websites than there are dating spaces, honestly. It’s simple, quick, and efficient. You don’t have to go through the straining process of meeting new people if you do it through the magic of the internet.

If you’re looking to find yourself an ideal website for your sugar daddy and your sugar baby needs – boy, do we have a website for you. Let us introduce you to WhatsYourPrice, the homepage for internet date buying, bidding, and having some financial dating fun.

What is WhatsYourPrice?

Since the emergence of diverse dating websites fitting extremely tight niches, all fetishes have been broken out of their taboo status. One such fetish is sugar babies and daddies.

WhatsYourPrice is the perfect website to suit all these needs. It’s one of the pioneers of the sugar daddy and sugar baby dating scene on the internet, providing a valuable service ever since its launch back in 2010.

It really doesn’t try to hide what it is – it flaunts its cause of connecting financially wealthy individuals with girls who might be a little out of their league.

The platform itself doesn’t just have an interesting history, but it also features a gorgeous design and even more beautiful members. Unlike most websites in this dating niche, it’s not overflowing with old people and inactive members.

It has over 3,000,000 different and unique members to mingle with one another. The gender makeup of the user base is also quite nicely balanced, with a 60/40 Male to Female ratio. Pretty satisfactory if you ask me.

The Fetish Of Finance

The primary goal of this amazing website is connecting wealthy men with sexy, playful, and fun-loving young women. It’s not all about the money, as a woman would much prefer the attraction, responsibility, and financial stability that comes with an older man. Alternatively, they might be into luxury, but there are lots of different types.

This fetish has been around for as long as people can remember. Young women have always been attracted to seasoned wealthy men. The majority of these people are just looking for a serious relationship, but there are people who are looking for either a one night stand or a casual relationship.

This differs based on gender. Whereas the women are looking to get more attached with serious dating, the male populace of the website is more into the hookup or causal relationship game.

The overwhelming numbers on this website clearly show – most sugar daddies are male, and sugar babies are female. But, the situation can turn around at some point. There are attractive young men looking for wealthy sugar mommies. The amount is minuscule but still existent.

The Numbers and Statistics

Since Whats Your Price operates on a unique system and has been doing so for almost a decade, it can report some impressive numbers without resorting to shady tactics.

It’s no surprise – dating websites tend to inflate their numbers with fake and ghost accounts to appear more reliable and safe for new members. With WhatsYourPrice, this isn’t a problem.

WhatsYourPrice offers a safe service to all individuals looking for a little bit of fun and gives users the chance to enjoy the dating life without the hassle of fake accounts and catfishing. The extreme vetting and cybersecurity do the trick.

The Website is only available in the USA and boasts an impressive member base, numbering 3 million unique users. The 500k active weekly users provide for a fun environment that everyone can mingle in.

Important Numbers

  • 35% of websites members are female college students
  • 5% of all users on this website are women out of college
  • The gender proportion is 40% female and 60% male
  • All major cities are covered, rural areas less so

An excellent feature of this website is its unique system, where people bid on the first date based on how much they like the profile of their muse. Depending on region and account, people can go up to 200$ for the first date.

Website Goals

The goal of the WhatsYourPrice is connecting wealthy individuals and attractive people through the fun and interesting bidding system. Once you’ve registered an account on the website, you’ll be introduced to a bunch of new and interesting people through their profiles.

When you’ve found the perfect candidate to be your date, you can battle amongst other bachelors to secure a real-life date.

Think of the bidding process like an internet auction, because that is exactly what it is and how it works. You bid on dates like you would bid on that gorgeous rare painting you’ve found on your local auction website.

The biggest bet takes the date to the next level – from the website to the restaurant.

The website promotes real-life dating and thinks of itself as merely a matchmaking service, not an online dating service.

There is nothing quite like sitting down for a cup of coffee with someone you want to know more about. And who knows, if the date goes well, you might end up drinking that same glass of wine every week.

The Website Itself

The website was far from our initial expectations. It has a gorgeous design and is very intuitive. It’s tasteful, pleasant to look at, and easy to navigate. This is a well-rounded matchmaking service, not a back alley advertisement post-it.

Sign Up Process

The signup process to some niche websites can be a real pain, take up quite a long time, and require you to fill up a bunch of annoying questions. People just want to get in on the action as quickly as possible, without all the hassle of signing up and registering.

But when it comes to WhatsYourPrice, this process is incredibly quick and simple. The registration only takes you a couple of minutes, and it‘s completely free.

That’s right, registering to the website is free of charge and only requires you to answer the most basic of questions. Once you register, provide your email address, a photo and a couple of basic personality questions, you will be asked two defining questions.

The first is the question of your gender, which will help the website determine where you belong. The other question is going to be about your purpose on the website – this is used to determine if you are daddy or baby material.

The answer to this question must be definitive, and there is no middle ground. Once you register on the website, these questions will determine whether you’re receiving money for dates or paying for them.

Once you have registered, you will be offered a couple of profile details. You are free to use the website with certain limitations that come with free memberships. You can choose to edit your profile in any way you like. Form pictures and descriptions, you are free to make it as detailed or as vague as you like.

You have to provide your location, ethnicity, body type, physical characteristics, education, income, and other answers, respectively.

This shouldn’t be an issue, and if you want to change the details for one reason or another down the line, you are free to do so.

Contacting People

After you have finished making your profile and getting acquainted with the website, you will be provided with an option to pay for your profile.

Without paying for the website’s services, you won’t be able to make any bids on any dates or send messages to other people, even if they bid on you and win. We’ll get into the finances a little bit later, though – this section will be dedicated to establishing contact.

After you have finished your payment, you can go about bidding on other members and establishing your first contact.

The bidding process is surprisingly simple and easy to understand, it’s like any other website or auctions, you’re just bidding on dates instead of items. You can exchange messages with people once you’ve “won” them over.

The minimum bid is 5$, and the maximum is sky-high. If you win the auction, you are free to establish contact and arrange for a date with your person of interest.

You are allowed to counterbid on an offer, providing for a competitive bidding and fun auction experience. The more money you’re willing to put down on this offer, the more the person in question is going to find you intriguing.

Most members on this website are in it for the luxurious aspect, and that is completely fine. If you have a deeper pocket, this won’t be a problem.

If you are a man looking to get paid for a date by a wealthy sugar mommy, though, you might have a more difficult time. Straight men usually have far less success in this game.

Gay men, on the other hand, have a much better chance to get bid on by homosexual individuals with a deeper pocket. Men, in general, are less likely to receive bids on themselves, but miracles do happen from time to time.

To ensure you’re getting the most bids on yourself and the date you’re willing to go on, we recommend getting a fabulous profile design tool or following a guide.

Fill everything out as much as you can, as details are your friends in this case. Pictures are also an excellent way to attract numerous possible bachelors. If you are tidy about your profile, you’re likely going to come off as handsome, assertive, and interesting.

The website follows a simple scheme – Bid, Win, Date, Repeat.

Prices and Payment

WhatsYourPrice offers only one type of membership. Signing up to the service is completely free of charge, and you won’t be able to use it without paying for it.

The economy of the website regulates itself is through the use of credits that can be bought with real-life money and then later bided on dates. However, the credits aren’t exactly cheap. A single credit is 0.50 cents.

You can purchase the credits in bundles:

  • 100 Credits being 50$
  • 450 Credits being 150$
  • 1000 Credits being 250$

There are two payment options: PayPal and Credit Card.

All these payments are fully discreet and protected with the website’s advanced SSL encryption and cybersecurity team. The website is aware of what it is and understands that not everyone wants their dating habits out in the open.

Final thoughts

WhatsYourPrice provides a fun service for anyone looking to improve their dating life through a quick investment. It’s a great platform for both men and women and has quite a lot to offer.

It’s easy to navigate and use, but it’s a bit steep when it comes to expenses. Credits tend to disappear faster than you might expect, but hey, everything is fair in love and war.

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