Support Your Bisexual Wife To Explore Her Bisexuality and Things You Should Know

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  • Jan 21, 2024

Women these days assert their independence from the norm or what one would in the past consider acceptable, and this they have done in making sure (amongst other activities) that they are free to choose who their sexual partners are. Right now there are bi sexual and bi curious women how to tell husband I am bisexual across all the societies and cultures.

So what happens when one happens to marry a bisexual wife in the midst of all the women out there? Most men will actually say that they do not have a problem with having a bisexual or a bi curious wife because then they can justify their desires of having certain encounters such as threesomes or orgies; most men are actually looking for bisexual women because of this fact.

What some of them may not understand is that accepting their bisexual wives and accepting their wives desires also does help the women in this situation. A desire not fulfilled or a journey not ventured is like an itch that you just cannot reach to scratch and it is imperative that such feelings of dissatisfaction not be experienced in a marriage.

But there is also the other side of the coin whereby men actually say that they cannot bring themselves to dating bisexual women because they say that it is too much of a crutch on the relationship and there is too much baggage that is involved. This may be true enough but if these bisexual women are not supported in their sexuality then what will happen to them?

Not every person that identifies with this life of bisexuality feels the need to act on it and so the relationship will still remain the same and it is the prerogative of the husband of the woman in question to help them understand this fact and so it is not really a big deal.

Another important reason for men with bisexual wives to support their wives is that accepting this state for most women or anyone for that matter may be very hard to accept and may take its toll. Some of those who are bisexual may be at war with their nature because they do not want to lose their loved ones and so it is very important that they realize that they still do have support and that they are still loved regardless of the type of people they are attracted to because at the end of the day, they are the wives to their husbands and so they had already made their choice of who they love and so all one can tell them is to hold on. Men should not be afraid of seeking bisexual women because they love just the same.

It is a natural question then for men - how does a woman commit to one person if they are giving up 50% of what they are? The answer is simple – they are looking to have children and don’t want to spend rest of their lives in loneliness. It is possible that they will remain sexually attracted towards other women, but strongly mentally and socially attracted to their husbands.

Why Most Women are Willing to Date Bisexual People Online?

Bisexual men and women have it rough. Straight guys don’t really take interest in bi-women and straight women are actually scared of them. Regardless of the sexual orientation, many people feel less attracted to bisexuals. However, with the rise of online dating, it seems many people have changed their perception regarding dating bisexuals.

Why? Because they have now come to know that bisexuals are human beings too and they can’t resist their sexual urges, similar to gays and lesbians. Apart from this, here are a few more reasons why women are willing to date bisexual people online:

  • Curiosity
  • In the past, people failed to believe bisexuals even exist. They simply dissed the idea of a person having feelings for both sexes. However, in recent times, people have learnt to accept the thought, and being bisexual isn’t considered a bad thing anymore. In fact, people now believe it to be something extraordinary!

    Think about it: not many people have the ability to love someone regardless of their sex. And this is one of the most intimidating reasons why women are willing to date bisexual people online. They are curious to learn more about them and want to try a new dating experience.

  • Open to All
  • Bisexuals have the ability to date both men and women. They also aren’t affected by the thought of dating gays or lesbians. This means, they are open to all orientations and don’t consider it wrong to be lesbian, gay, or simply straight.

    They will date you if they simply find you a good person. And this is one of the main reasons why women are willing to date bisexual people online! They consider the experience to be simply amazing, as bisexuals are more in-tune with their feelings than most people.

  • Are Faithful
  • There are many negative stereotypes attached to being bisexual. One of the most popular is that bisexuals are unfaithful! But that is simply not true. Bisexuals are the most faithful people you can find and will never hurt another person’s feelings or cheat on them.

    This is one of the main reasons why many women are becoming less reluctant to date bisexuals nowadays and actually consider it a good opportunity to find a loving partner.

  • Confidence
  • People who are bisexual are rare indeed and a woman dating one will quickly stand out and even catch the attention of her friends and peers, regardless of if it’s positive or negative. The dating experience can be an interesting subject to discuss and many women nowadays wish to try something different for a change.

    Therefore, women don’t find it a bad thing to date bisexuals anymore and actually consider the quality of being confident and coming out as a bisexual exceptionally intimidating.

    Last, but not the least, bisexuals are as open to dating a woman as they are to dating a man, and they don’t need the excuse of drinking alcohol to validate being attracted to someone from a different or the same sex.

    Have you been dating a bisexual recently? What qualities do you find the most attractive?

    Being Disexual is Difficult – The Trouble with an Orientation Nobody Believes

    For bisexuals, trouble can come in many forms and types. Life can almost have no meaning, as you are in a constant hate-relationship with yourself. But, you can’t help it, as your sexuality is something you cannot control. That’s why you need to know about some of the most common disadvantages of being bisexual have to deal with and how they can cope with or even get rid of them.

    Every Person Hates You

    When you come out as bisexual, not only the narrow–minded, highly conservative or religious extremist start hating you, but also people who are otherwise quite liberal begin discriminating against you. This is because bisexuality is more or less misunderstood by the general public and is still not as widely accepted as being gay or lesbian.

    Add this to the negative stereotypes attached with bisexuality, such as greediness, unfaithfulness or promiscuity, you may also feel worthless. However, the key is to stay strong and embrace your sexuality confidently. Keep in mind, people won’t change unless you do. So, accept who you are and be open about it. Once people realize you are no different than them, they will embrace your sexuality.

    People Refuse to Believe Bisexuality Exists

    Some people have an ignorant view regarding bisexuality, believing people can either be homosexual or straight. They aren’t aware of the beauty of a person falling in love with someone else, regardless of their sex.

    Therefore, many refuse to understand bisexuality is real. And this is one of the main reasons why even on dating sites, you will find it incredibly rare for bisexuals to identify themselves.

    The key to this problem is to gather a group of people with the same sexual orientation to show bisexuality does indeed exist. Start by telling one of your closest friends and slowly move to your parents. Once you have their backing, nobody will have the right to discriminate you for your sexual preferences.

    Few People Can Give the Right Supportive Advice

    As people have little knowledge of what being bisexual is like, there are few people who can give you the right advice regarding what to do. As there are not many communities who support bisexuality, it can also get difficult for bisexuals to voice their opinions. Therefore, for those who are trying to come out or are in need to support, this can be really troubling.

    Nevertheless, to prevent this problem, you should remember creating awareness is the way to go. Don’t be afraid to tell people who you are. Show them bisexuals do exist in the community and that its time people finally accepted this fact.

    Stereotypes, Stereotypes Everywhere!

    As mentioned earlier, there are many stereotypes surrounding bisexuality. Some of the most common include being indecisive, going through a phase, closet cases, taking advantage of straight privileges, love threesomes, will never be satisfied or are just experimenting with their sexuality.

    Of course, this may hurt your feelings and make you feel bad regarding who you are. But positive changes can be made. Start a group with other bisexuals and promote your sexuality. When people start seeing this, you can eventually erase the negative stereotypes they have in their mind.

    So, avoid feeling embarrassed about your sexuality, step away from the dark, and walk into the light by revealing your sexual orientation to others.

    Tips on Getting Support as a Bisexual

    Being bisexual, you may often feel alone and misunderstood. One of the reasons behind these feelings is the lack of information on this formerly ‘taboo’ topic and the abundance of ‘negative’ opinions surrounding it. However, getting support isn’t impossible nowadays, as 3.4% of the US population identifies itself as lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender. And the numbers continue to grow as more people open up to accept who they are. Besides, how to explain bisexuality to someone? how long can a person stay in the dark? Are you looking for help and support too? If so, follow these useful tips understanding bisexuality for parents:

    (Before we move on, it is important for you to be aware there is nothing wrong with bisexuality. Why? Because human sexuality is complicated and what may seem attractive to one gender or human may not necessarily be for another. Instead of feeling depressed or hating yourself, move past the phase of regret and accept who you are. Cheers!)

  • Be Open from the Start
  • In this age of vast information, blogs and articles have become important tools for distributing knowledge and news to diverse populations. Forget about hiding your sexuality and look for support by reading numerous books and articles online on LGTB support websites and communities. Once you start reading, you will begin to understand and appreciate your sexuality. Besides, what can be better than loving a person for who he/she really is, regardless of their sex? You are unique!

  • Get in Touch with LGBT Organizations
  • Are you looking for proper advice regarding how to reveal your sexuality to others? If so, get in touch with LGBT organizations right away. You can find many LGBT communities online that offer confidential and non-judgmental ‘helpline’ services. They provide valuable listening, support, advice, and information to bisexual people, their friends, families or anyone seeking professional assistance in helping others who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender.

  • Talk to Other Bisexuals
  • Nobody can be more understanding regarding your sexual orientation than a person who is like YOU and knows the pains and challenges of being bisexual or the ‘oddball’ of the society. Join bisexual communities online and be friends with other bisexuals. This way, you can gain the confidence of speaking to others and openly reveal your sexuality to them. Revealing your sexuality to a person who knows exactly how it feels like will also lessen the ‘burden’ on your shoulders and enable you to stop feeling ashamed of who you are.

  • Stay Away from ‘Negative’ Individuals
  • You can always find friends who will accept you for who you are. But you will also find many people who will actually make your situation worse by constantly berating, making fun of you, or calling you weird names. Don’t let these ‘negative’ individuals affect you and instead avoid them at all costs. Of course, you do want to blend in, but with time and patience, people will learn to accept you similar to how they learned to accept gay and lesbians.

    So, now that you are familiar with the tips mentioned above, getting support as a bisexual won’t be a problem.

    Here we list the bisexual communities and groups in US for you. You can directly get support from them.

    • - A 501(c)(3) non-profit advocating for bisexual communities in the U.S.
    • (Closed) - The oldest national bi organization in the U.S
    • - a project meant to introduce our community to the world
    • - An innovative global online magazine for bisexual people
    • - A central communications network for Bisexual & Bi-Friendly Groups and Resources in all five borough’s of NYC and the surrounding Tri-state area
    • - A 501(3)(c), tax-exempt, non-profit organization in the state of Minnesota
    • - A feminist, not-for-profit collective organization that brings women together for support and validation
    • - The foremost voice promoting bisexual books, bi writers, bisexual writing and bi-themed arts and culture in America
    • – A forum for bisexual people that has everything a good bi needs, chat, events, articles and more
    • - based in San Francisco with members from all over the Bay Area
    • - A bisexual non-profit, mixed gender, social and support organization created to foster a visible community for bisexual, bi-curious people, and their partners in the Puget Sound area
    • – A social setting for open-minded adults with bisexuality. It was closed from 2012
    • - The Bisexuality-Aware Professionals Directory